Published on: Wednesday February 7th, 2024

Project Overview
Southern Tier 8 Regional Board manages the Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition and is seeking to update and host two associated websites.
The educational campaign-focused website,, is the Coalition’s outreach and educational website for public engagement. The current website is unable to be edited and updated. ST8 is seeking assistance with transitioning the current content to a website that is editable and maintainable by ST8 staff.
The Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition website,, is the website that is used by Stormwater Coalition municipalities. The current website is hosted by Broome County. ST8 is seeking assistance with moving the content on the current website to a new website that can be editable and maintainable by ST8 staff. Along with moving over current content, ST8 would like to add additional pages and resources for the Coalition.
Southern Tier 8 Regional Board is seeking a reasonable budget proposal for these efforts. Costs are not to exceed $12,000. Following selection and approval, it will be necessary to stay in accordance with a final approved budget.
Consultant Selection
Southern Tier 8 Regional Board's criteria will include the consultant's ability to share their understanding of the requested website development and relevant experience in pursuing this effort. A short list of references and formerly relevant work descriptions should be included in the proposal letter. An understanding of the Southern Tier 8 Regional Board and the Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition project goals should also be expressed. The selection committee will review related experience, the proposed timeline, budget, and approach.
Southern Tier 8 expects a quick and timely turnaround for this project, with an estimated expected date of completion of 8 weeks from the notice of selection. Southern Tier 8 is open to timelines proposed by applicants based on their understanding of the assessed needs, and details of a suggested timeframe should be included in the proposal letter.
The notice of selection will be delivered on February 26th, 2024. Work by the awarded consultant is expected to commence shortly thereafter.
The applicant must reply to [email protected] by February 22nd, 2024, by 3 pm.