Published on: Wednesday June 29th, 2022

The Regional Board is seeking an engineering partner to assist with a mapping project for the BTSC. 

Project Understanding

Southern Tier 8 Regional Board has undertaken an Asset Mapping Project for the Greater Binghamton Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) municipalities, the Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition. As part of this DEC-funded grant, municipal outfall assets are to be located (already completed) and attributes collected, and work is to be pursuant to the current contracted work plan. Southern Tier 8 Regional Board is seeking a technical consultant to perform additional fieldwork collecting attributes on outfalls in the MS4 area.

Area Overview

The MS4 area closely follows the Binghamton, NY – PA Census Urbanized Area Map and is comprised of approximately 85.7 square miles in:

  • Broome County
    • Binghamton (C)
    • Binghamton (T)
    • Chenango (T)
    • Conklin (T)
    • Dickinson (T)
    • Endicott (V)
    • Fenton (T)
    • Johnson City (V)
    • Kirkwood (T)
    • Port Dickinson (V)
    • Union (T)
    • Vestal (T)
  • Tioga County
    • Owego (T)

Project Overview

Outfall locations are primarily concentrated off roadways near hydrological features – rivers, streams, and creeks. Southern Tier 8 Regional Board has preliminarily identified the locations of outfalls in the area; approximately 1200 points will need to be ground-truthed and verified for outfall accuracy (an understanding of an outfall definition and the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems is necessary) and then attributes collected. The Regional Board has identified the relative locations of the outfalls in ArcGIS and is seeking a consultant to verify these locations and add attributes to the existing shapefile.

Required Collected data includes:

  • Verify GPS location
  • Outfall material
  • Outfall shape & size
  • Type of outfall
  • Whether the outfall is submerged in water or sediment
  • Type of conveyance to and from the outfall
  • Receiving waterbody name
  • Flow direction
  • Municipality & ownership
  • General Condition Data (flow, turbidity, deposits, floatables vegetation)

There may be rare instances where additional outfalls are found in the field that have not been located prior that will need to be mapped. The consultant is expected to create a data dictionary or domains and subtypes based on possible field attributes to create consistency across the data collected. The deliverable will be an ArcGIS shapefile.

The selected consultant is expected to be able to perform field work, post-process the data, be experienced in the necessary ESRI platforms, and have an understanding of the mapping needs listed in the SPDES General Permit.


Southern Tier 8 Regional Board is seeking a reasonable budget proposal for these efforts. Following selection and approval, it will be necessary to stay in accordance with a final approved budget.

Consultant Selection

Southern Tier 8 Regional Board's criteria will include the consultant's ability to share their understanding of MS4s, DEC SPDES permits, and relevant experience in pursuing this effort. A short list of references and former relevant work descriptions should be included in the proposal letter, and an understanding of the Southern Tier 8 Regional Board and the project goals should also be expressed. The selection committee will review related experience, a general timeline (based on quarters, rather than calendar), budget, and approach.

The project start date is anticipated for October.

Southern Tier 8 is open to timelines proposed by applicants based on their understanding of the assessed needs, and details of a suggested timeframe should be included in the proposal letter.

The applicant must reply to [email protected] by July 18, 2022, at 3 pm.