CORE-Transformative Workforce (CORE-TW) Initiative

Published on: Wednesday March 18th, 2020

ARC invested $83K in the Milford Central School District towards the CORE-Transformative Workforce (CORE-TW) Initiative to expand the CORE (Career Opportunities in Rural Education) Program. CORE is a career exploration program in Otsego county designed to help local schools provide experiential learning opportunities for students in middle and high school.

The project expands CORE’s STEM initiative through the creation of a new STEM pipeline program at Cooperstown Central School developing skills in STEM fields and creating opportunities for students to develop relationships with local employers. Milford Central School District will implement a micro-credentialing platform focused on STEM skills and careers designed to engage businesses in the workforce-education alignment process. Milford Central School District will implement this program in coordination with multiple other school districts in Delaware, Otsego, and Chenango counties with the expectation of reaching 300 students in 10 schools. A study will also be conducted to measure the impact of learning and STEM pathways on college and career choices to help schools focus on workforce development initiatives.