Building Regional Recovery Systems: Substance Abuse Advisory Council Recommendations

Published on: Monday September 9th, 2019

Recommendations target the ARC recovery-to-work ecosystem model, and include:

    • Developing a recovery ecosystem model that addresses stakeholder roles and responsibilities as part of a collaborative process that develops infrastructure and operations, and fund deployment of local planning and implementation of the model, and examine funding models to sustain the recovery ecosystem.
    • Developing and disseminating a playbook of solutions for communities addressing common ecosystems gaps and services barriers.
    • Developing model workforce training programs that incorporate recovery services with appropriate evaluation measures.
    • Convening experts to develop and disseminate an employer best practices toolkit to educate employers and human resource experts in recruiting, selecting, managing, and retaining employees who are in recovery.
    • Funding local liaison positions across Appalachia responsible for promoting a recovery ecosystem by building bridges between employers, workforce development agencies, and recovery organizations, and disseminating an employer best practices toolkit.

See ARC’s announcement here