Industry Summit: Professional Development Program Series Host

Program: Industry Summit: Professional Development Program Series Host

8 Counties Served:

Broome /
Chenango /
Cortland /
Delaware /
Otsego /
Schoharie /
Tioga /

5 Initiatives Served:

Economic Development /
Rural Advancement /
Workforce Investment /
Infrastructure Adaptation /
Regionalism Approach

What it is.

The Industry Summit Platform was designed to serve as a place both in a digital sense and physical for both private and public sectors to connect, share best practices and showcase the assistance available from our partner organizations and reach across county boundaries and sometimes with neighboring regions in PA and NY. These events touch our top 10 industry clusters: 

1. Manufacturing & Advanced Materials 2.  Agriculture, Food & Craft Beverages 3. Healthcare & Life Sciences 4. Education 5. Energy & Smart Energy 6.Culture,  Retail, Sports, Entertainment, Tourism 7.Financial Services, Real Estate 8. Business & Professional Services, Government Services 9. Engineering, Construction, Construction Materials 10.  Media, IT, AI &  Communications

What it accomplishes.

This program connects leaders in the public and private sectors across the region since its launch in November 2018. Program offerings have been focused on asset-based economic development, the recovery workforce, drone technologies & the agriculture industry.