Intergovernmental Review Support

An Intergovernmental Review is required for any project, or action that is included in the New York State List of Eligible Federal Programs for the Intergovernmental Review Process, as issued by the NYS State Division of Budget.  A list of Federal Programs can be found in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) found by clicking here.

Southern Tier 8 functions as an area-wide clearinghouse for all projects within the counties of Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie, Tioga and Tompkins.

When applying for funding, applicants should include a completed copy of the Standard 424 form which can be found here.

For further assistance, please contact our office at (607) 724-1327.

Water Quality Program & Geospatial Assistance

The Upper Susquehanna River Drainage Sub-Basin crosses all 8 counties in the Southern Tier 8 Region. Several bodies of water in the watershed have been identified as impaired and are located along portions of the Susquehanna River, Chenango River, Unadilla River, Park Creek, Goodyear Lake and Whitney Point Reservoir. In Broome County, the Whitney Point Reservoir and a portion of the lower Susquehanna River have been assessed as impaired and require the development of a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), or other restoration strategy. Two other drainage basins include the Mohawk and Delaware Rivers. The Mohawk River Drainage Basin covers most of Schoharie County, where Engleville Pond and Summit Lake have been identified as impaired. The Delaware River Basin crosses Delaware County where impaired water bodies include the Pepacton and Cannonsville Reservoirs and a portion of eastern Broome where Fly Pond and Deer Lake are impaired. The severity of water quality problems at these specified locations has been assessed and documented at a state level.

With assistance from the DEC, Southern Tier 8 works with County Water Quality Coordinating Committees (CWQCC) to take local action to address water quality problems and needs in each county to plan for water quality improvement programs and remediation efforts in impaired water bodies and protection of healthy water bodies across the region.

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Upper Susquehanna Watershed
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Mohawk Valley Watershed
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Delaware Watershed
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EPA’s 2015 Stormwater Calculator
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Sampling for Susquehanna Watersheds
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Sampling for the Mohawk Valley Watersheds
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Strategy for climate adaptation
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Asset-Based Economic Development

Southern Tier 8 is working with Industry Building Blocks to develop an asset-based program for businesses across the region and with the help of  our County’s Economic Developers & County Planners, we are pursuing the goals developed in our region’s 2018 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  Please see our News & Events Page to register for the region’s 1st Industry Summit November 28th @ the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton. Learn more about the line-of-business industry data at Southern Tier Industry & Company Info.

Key Industry Clusters across the Southern Tier:

Established Industry Clusters

  1. Business & Professional Services
  2. Healthcare & Life Sciences
  3. Manufacturing Superclusters
  4. Agriculture & Food
  5. Financial Services
  6. Media, IT, AI & Communication
  7. Education
  8. Advanced Manufacturing
  9. Transportation Manufacturing
  10. Advanced Materials

Emerging Industry Clusters

  1. Waterfront Development
  2. Logistics & Transportation
  3. Transportation Services
  4. Paving Technologies & Services
  5. Wood & Wood Products
  6. Energy & Smart Energy Products
  7. Beer, Wine & Spirits
  8. Sports & Sports Related
  9. Culture & Entertainment
  10. Tourism

Resiliency Planning

Over the last few years, Southern Tier 8 was matched for several Department of Defense Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) programs that offered training programs for the military while providing health care and engineering assistance to residents in Chenango and Cortland counties. County Planning Departments, Greater Chenango Cares, the Chenango County Agricultural Society and Healthy Cortland were key partners in these projects and provided services valued at more than $3.7 million.

Southern Tier 8 is currently working with Schoharie County to bring an IRT engineering program to Cobleskill in 2019, as well as unique healthcare programs in Cortland and Tioga County. Insight from past IRT events can be gained here.

Infrastructure Planning & Implementation


Why is Broadband infrastructure so challenging in the Southern Tier and presents such a long-term planning effort for our communities? Topography and Rural Character. Due to our Appalachian topography and rural population density of 83 people per square mile, the construction of broadband infrastructure continues to be a challenge for our rural communities. Where we have few homes, there is less revenue potential for internet and cell service providers. Our rolling hills and valleys also limit potential for long wireless broadcasts.

Since 2004, Southern Tier 8 has been raising awareness for the need for improved 911 and cell service and broadband infrastructure development across our rural, hilly region. ST8 has also written several implementation requests, including Southern Tier Network development and expansion. The Southern Tier Network is a local dark fiber solution and was developed to run long miles of dark fiber to encourage small internet service provider investments in our rural communities. Learn more at:

In 2009, New York’s Office of Critical Infrastructure established the Broadband Program Office and in 2015, the $500 million “New” New York State Broadband Program was launched to build last-mile residential infrastructure across the state, now managed by Empire State Development. More information can be found at


Southern Tier 8 continues to support the I-86 Coalition, tasked with encouraging interstate highway designation. Southern Tier 8 serves on the Binghamton Metropolitan Transit Study (BMTS) and supports regional construction projects and trail developments. Learn more here: