As the COVID-19 interruption offers a rapidly changing environment for the global community…Southern Tier 8 Regional Board staff is working to modify public services to support community health efforts.

As of March 16, all public events are cancelled through April 30th; all scheduled face-to-face meetings will be held via web or phone call.

Changes to Public Events:
3/15-3/19: Recovery-to-Work Ecosystem Launch with Core Team & Annual NADO conf: cancelled; pending guidance from Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC)
3/24 & 3/25: ARC Area Wide Development Workshops: cancelled; educational videos will be posted on the SouthernTier8 website under Funding & the on-line application will be available by 3/31.
3/31: Energy Infrastructure Virtual Open House: via WebEx, hosted by LaBella 4 & 5:30 pm, instructions will be posted on the Regional Board’s website under Planning Resources
4/2: Board & Finance meetings: Teleconference to be held
4/30: CEDS “Sync-Up” Session in Andes; TBD

Additional 2020 Public Events:
EcosySTEM Spring Convening was held 3/3 at the Kopernik Observatory with 65 participants!
Industry Summit: Drone Use for Municipalities was held 3/11 and greatly enjoyed by 39 attendees
Industry Summit: So Tier Regional Portal- tentatively scheduled for June, details TBD
Industry Summit: Active Recovery 2- tentatively scheduled for June with CREC, details TBD
Industry Summit: Advanced Manufacturing- in planning with AM&T and TEN, to be held at Tioga Downs 10/6

For questions, call 607-724-1327 or 607-727-3077