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Our Team’s Calendar

Key Developments in 2020:

1 Addressing Infrastructure Needs
Secured funding for Regional Energy Assessment & Strategy with LaBella Associates, see Planning Resources for more details.
2 Encouraging Asset-Based Economic Development
Industry Summit Series…promoting best practices, collaboration & Southern Tier commerce.  More info @
March: Geospatial Technologies
June: Regional Portal launch
October: With co-host AM&T, Advanced Manufacturing with Clean Energy
3 Prioritizing Federal Investment Requests
See Funding page
4 Serving Community Needs & Connecting Resources
Developing Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Department of Defense no-cost dental-vision-veterinary care for 2021 in Delaware County.
5 Pursuing Public-Private Partnership Workforce Programs
Tier Energy Network (TEN) Inc defining needs for expanding workforce in Clean Energy Industry across Southern Tier.
6 Continuing Project Development
ARC-DOL Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC): Dislocated & substance abuse disorder returning to work
ARC POWER for Coal-Impact (see latest news)

Latest News

2020 Watershed Virtual Forum: Upper Susquehanna Coalition & OCCA

Join the Upper Susquehanna Coalition & Otsego County Conservation Association Wednesdays in July & August for  a new mini-session series highlighting conservation initiatives, projects, hosting discussions and sharing information throughout the Upper Susquehanna watershed, the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. Topics will be geared toward land owners, conservation districts, municipal [...]

July 2nd, 2020|Events, Latest News|

Request for Proposal: Developing the Southern Tier’s Opportunity Zone Portfolio

PROPOSAL: Southern Tier 8 Regional Board is seeking an experienced economic development consultant to work with economic development and community planning teams across rural Upstate New York to develop an online Opportunity Zone platform, promoting investment in 19 federally designated Opportunity Zone areas. Please reply with an electronic letter proposal [...]

June 29th, 2020|Events, Latest News|

Federal Data Resource for Substance Use Disorder: Rural Community Toolbox

Explore the newly launched Federal Rural Community Toolbox and Substance Use Disorder clearinghouse. Created by the Trump Administration with the express purpose of connecting rural leaders with funding, data, and information to combat drug addiction in rural America, with resources from 16 different Federal departments and agencies, the Rural Community [...]

June 25th, 2020|Events, Latest News|

Our Board’s Schedule

Tentative 2020 meeting dates with key agenda items

Board Meetings:

January 30 : 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Oneonta Office, CEDS Meeting
January 31 : 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Binghamton Office, CEDS Meeting
Feb 6 : 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta Annual meeting, Officer Elections (Finance Committee: 10am)
April 2: 11 am, Virtual meeting due to public health crisis (TIER Board, Finance: 10am)
June 4: 11 am, Binghamton, Fiscal Audit Final Review (Finance Committee: 10am)
October 1: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta FY2021 Investment Requests & draft organizational budget (Finance Committee: 10am)
December 18: 11 am, Binghamton, 2020 Budget (Finance Committee: 10am)

Planning Committee & Project Review Meetings:

January 9: 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton Energy Infrastructure Assessment, 2020 schedule
June 19: 10 am, Sidney Library, Project Review Committee Meeting
August 21: 10 am, Cortland, Project Review Committee Meeting
September 24: 10 am, ST8 Binghamton Office, Project Review Committee Meeting
ARC Area Development Grants: Information Sessions (free, no registration required): CANCELLED due to public health crisis