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Our Team’s Calendar

Key Developments in 2019:

1 Addressing Infrastructure Needs

Secured funding for Regional Energy Assessment & Strategy with LaBella Associates.
Participate in the Energy Solutions for Economic Success Program on October 24, 2019 & register here

2 Encouraging Asset-Based Economic Development

Industry Summit Series…promoting best practices, collaboration & Southern Tier commerce

11/28: Introduction to asset-based development with industry clusters & best practices: 235 registrants >50% private sector
4/10: Active Recovery Workshop: 70 registrants 70% non-profit & government
5/23: Food & Agriculture Focus Co-host CCE Broome: 190 registrants 16% education 62% private sector
10/24: TBA @

3 Prioritizing Federal Investment Requests

See Funding page

4 Serving Community Needs & Connecting Resources

Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Department of Defense no-cost dental-vision-veterinary care
7/12-7/20:  Norwich…see Greater Chenango Cares & Homer…see Healthy Cortland
The missions served 3,608 patients (both persons and animals), completed 21, 281 successful procedures and initiated $1,138, 882 worth of no-cost medical and veterinary services to the region.

5 Pursuing Public-Private Partnership Workforce Programs

TIER Inc & Tier Energy Network (TEN) Inc $2 million proposal submitted for expanding workforce in Clean Energy Industry across Southern Tier

6 Continuing Project Development

ARC-DOL Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC): Dislocated & substance abuse disorder returning to work

Latest News

Investing in New York’s Future Workforce

According to a new ARC report, Industrial Make-Up of the Appalachian Region, examining employment and earnings across the Region in the post-recession period from 2012-2017, the Appalachian counties in New York experienced declines in employment while employment grew in the state’s non-Appalachian counties. In order to support workforce development in Appalachian [...]

November 22nd, 2019|Events, Latest News|

Agribusiness Workforce Survey: SUNY Morrisville

Seeking industry insight from those in the Agribusiness Industry: SUNY Morrisville's Agricultural Business Development Program is conducting a workforce development study to match required skill sets of employers to the design of the FAB Graduate Program at SUNY Morrisville (Food and Agricultural Business). Add your thoughts here Learn more about [...]

November 20th, 2019|Events, Latest News|

Post Recession Analysis of Appalachia: Southern Tier lags behind New York State

November 13, 2019: The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) released Industrial Make-Up of the Appalachian Region, a new report examining employment and earnings across the Region. Drawing on data from 15 industry sectors, the report catalogs how the Region’s industrial make-up and earnings compare to that of the country as a whole. [...]

November 13th, 2019|Events, Latest News|

Our Board’s Schedule

Tentative 2019 meeting dates with key agenda items

Board Meetings:

Feb 1: 11 am, Tioga Downs – 2384 W River Rd, Nichols Annual meeting, Officer Elections (Finance Committee: 10am)

April 5: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta Fiscal Audit Draft Review (Finance Committee: 10am)

June 7: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta Fiscal Audit Final Review (Finance Committee: 10am)

October 4: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta FY2020 Investment Requests & draft organizational budget (Finance Committee: 10am)

December 13: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta  2020 Budget (Finance Committee: 10am)

Planning Committee & Project Review Meetings:

March 1: 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton Energy Infrastructure Assessment, Industry Summits

June 26: 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton ARC Project pre-app review & vote

August 23: 11 am, Cortland County Conference Room – 37 Church Street, Cortland ARC full application review

September 27: 10am, Otsego Now Offices- 189 Main Street, Oneonta ARC full application rank