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Our Team’s Calendar

Key Developments in 2019:

1 Addressing Infrastructure Needs

Secured funding for Regional Energy Assessment & Strategy with LaBella Associates.
Participate in the Energy Solutions for Economic Success Program on October 24, 2019 & register here

2 Encouraging Asset-Based Economic Development

Industry Summit Series…promoting best practices, collaboration & Southern Tier commerce

11/28: Introduction to asset-based development with industry clusters & best practices: 235 registrants >50% private sector
4/10: Active Recovery Workshop: 70 registrants 70% non-profit & government
5/23: Food & Agriculture Focus Co-host CCE Broome: 190 registrants 16% education 62% private sector
10/24: TBA @

3 Prioritizing Federal Investment Requests

See Funding page

4 Serving Community Needs & Connecting Resources

Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Department of Defense no-cost dental-vision-veterinary care
7/12-7/20:  Norwich…see Greater Chenango Cares & Homer…see Healthy Cortland
The missions served 3,608 patients (both persons and animals), completed 21, 281 successful procedures and initiated $1,138, 882 worth of no-cost medical and veterinary services to the region.

5 Pursuing Public-Private Partnership Workforce Programs

TIER Inc & Tier Energy Network (TEN) Inc $2 million proposal submitted for expanding workforce in Clean Energy Industry across Southern Tier

6 Continuing Project Development

ARC-DOL Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC): Dislocated & substance abuse disorder returning to work

Latest News

Energy Solutions For Economic Success: October 24, 2019 @ Tioga Downs, Nichols, NY, Register here…

Join us October 24, 2019 to discuss the Regional Energy Infrastructure Program to meet providers and policy makers, discover municipal solutions & explore funding opportunities.  Hosted by Southern Tier 8 Regional Board & LaBella Associates: To increase understanding of the region’s energy infrastructure and the policies, regulations and financial incentives [...]

October 15th, 2019|Events, Latest News|

Rural Innovation Initiative (RII) Technical Assistance Application due 11/18/19

Technical assistance program for communities to develop an innovation hub strategy.  Eligible communities are designated rural counties according to U.S. Census definitions or represent regional efforts that cover a majority rural area. Successful communities will ideally have a combination of the following attributes: Existing high-speed broadband Significant portions of the [...]

October 14th, 2019|Events, Latest News|

Our Board’s Schedule

Tentative 2019 meeting dates with key agenda items

Board Meetings:

Feb 1: 11 am, Tioga Downs – 2384 W River Rd, Nichols Annual meeting, Officer Elections (Finance Committee: 10am)

April 5: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta Fiscal Audit Draft Review (Finance Committee: 10am)

June 7: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta Fiscal Audit Final Review (Finance Committee: 10am)

October 4: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta FY2020 Investment Requests & draft organizational budget (Finance Committee: 10am)

December 13: 11 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton & Otsego Now Offices, Oneonta  2020 Budget (Finance Committee: 10am)

Planning Committee & Project Review Meetings:

March 1: 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton Energy Infrastructure Assessment, Industry Summits

June 26: 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton ARC Project pre-app review & vote

August 23: 11 am, Cortland County Conference Room – 37 Church Street, Cortland ARC full application review

September 27: 10am, Otsego Now Offices- 189 Main Street, Oneonta ARC full application rank

November 1: 10 am, Southern Tier 8 Offices, Binghamton 2020 Budget & program discussion