Riparian Buffer Conservation and Restoration Grant for Landowners

Receive one-time grant funding to protect riparian buffers on your land. Riparian buffers are areas of trees, shrubs, or grasses next to streams, rivers or wetlands. By planting or keeping vegetation along streams, space is created between the water and upland land uses. This protects water quality by reducing the amount of nutrients and sediment entering the waterway. With a conservation easement through this program, you maintain ownership and use of the buffer acres, but activities like grazing, vehicle use, timber harvests, and building new buildings are prohibited just within the buffer area. Placing a conservation easement DOES NOT mean that you have to allow the public onto your land.

Why Apply?

  • GET PAID to protect your stream ~ funds are available to pay you for each acre you protect with an easement. This is a very rare opportunity!
  • May have tax benefits
  • Protect your property against flood damage and stabilize eroding banks
  • Improve habitat for trout, other fish, and wildlife
  • Help keep the water clean in your local streams and rivers
  • Potential to generate harvestable products from the riparian buffer plantings (nuts, berries, etc.)
  • Protect the beauty of your streamside view!
  • Preserve the natural character of your land for future generations

What are the requirements?

  • Riparian buffer must be at least 35ft wide and up to 180ft wide (distance from top of stream bank)
  • Permanent conservation easement must be placed on the riparian buffer acreage
  • For areas without trees and shrubs, native plants will be planted on buffer free of charge!
  • Funding may also be provided to install fencing to keep livestock out of the buffer
  • Livestock, vehicle use, and timber harvesting are prohibited activities inside the buffer (exceptions: firewood and hazard trees)

Interested in learning more?
Bob Mead, Al Hazzard Chapter of Trout Unlimited,
Kristi Sullivan, Edward L. Rose Conservancy,, 607-255-5508